Marcia, School Librarian Each day I can see how much my life and abilities are changing for the better. Ashley’s guidance and encouragement will have me in better shape in my Fifties than I was during my forties!


Diana, Public School Counselor and client for two years and counting Trek Wellness touches base frequently with encouragement and reminders. It never feels judgmental or nagging, just caring and motivating.


Jaymee, Insurance Professional The LifeStyle Makeover Program changed the way I thought about food. I recommend this program to anyone who thinks they are too busy to eat healthy because it was practical, educational, and feel equipped with the tools I need to forever be successful with my diet!


Lynnette, Public School Teacher I love Trek Wellness. Ashley is helping change each day by having me be accountable.  Love checking in and thinking about how I am going to accomplish my goal and all of the positive feedback and encouragement from Ashley.


Garrison, Natural Bodybuilder I was impressed with my trainer’s knowledge on supplements, workouts, and nutrition. She was flexible, timely, and incorporated my needs and goals into my daily diet and workout regimen.


Cara, Long Distance Runner Trek Wellness took time to teach me the concepts I needed to learn, even though I had stamina built up, I had other fitness goals I wanted to achieve. I never felt pressured or silly because I didn’t know something, my trainer was genuine, and my body responded in incredible ways to the training program!


Virginia, Retired School Teacher I live out of state and the virtual training program was perfect for me! My trainer was accountable, reliable and always available when I needed her. She changed the way I thought about food and fitness. Before Trek Wellness I was hesitant to even pick up weights. I am more fit, active and energetic at my age now than I have ever been! My trainer even made special trips to visit to make sure I was on track!


Jane, Public School Paraprofessional Ashley has a plan set for me when I walk in the door, no down time every minute planned with a stretch or excercise. She is specific in giving instructions and very encouraging.


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